Thursday, July 15, 2010

70s Atami Samurai beer bike

finished bike - 20.5 lbs. (before basket installed)

before - over 40 lbs. - picked up at the Fremont Fair, Seattle, August 2009; we should have bought the hat too

I found this cool 70s Atami Samurai in Seattle, at the Fremont Fair last August (2009). Bought it for $60 and threw it on the roofrack for the long drive back to SF. In the shop it weighed-in at about 40 lbs.

cool Samurai script and suspect internal cable routing

After stripping off all the heavy steel crap, adding alloy bars & wheels, seatpost, etc. it was down to about 20 lbs. Then I added the fenders and awesome Japanese Gamoh wood-slat front rack/basket...

two twelvers! perfect

so now it's probably about 28 lbs. but is far more functional than before, and looks 100 times better.

cool Atami logo and original(?) Deluxe Sport frame pump

some component highlights:

  • Nitto Dynamic stem
  • Velocity Aero rims/Godspeed hubs
  • SyCip Wonderbar handlebars
  • Gamoh wood-slat basket
  • Planet Bike fenders
  • Shimano tandem crank (yes, the pedal threads are backwards, so the pedals are in tight as to prevent backing-out)

Mt. Fuji headbadge detail

This is now a great grocery/utility bike, and holds a case of Sierra bottles perfectly.

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