Thursday, July 15, 2010

early-80s Peugeot mixte

after: 21 lbs.

before: 38 lbs.

As often occurs, I found this guy lurking in Ira's pile o' bikes in the breezeway (he had bought it from some auction I guess). Starting weight was 38 lbs., finishing weight is 21 and change. Kept the cool original cranks, but subtracted a chainring and pantguard. Also kept the original headset, stem, and (much to my irkedness) the retarded and ugly steel 24mm frenchie seatpost (try finding a 24mm aluminum one, they're rare birds).

component highlights:

  • SyCip wonderbar
  • Velocity purple deep-Vs/Formula hubs/freewheel
  • DiaCompe extra long-reach front brake
  • Cannondale (Tektro) long-reach rear brake
  • Terry butterfly seat
  • Oury grips

Final final build, with new Blackburn rack (fits Rhode Gear kid seats perfectly)

This old Peugeot is now surprisingly fun to ride, with its super upright position and relaxed everything. Once I add a rack and/or basket, it'll be a useful farmer's market getup/ironic hipster machine.

Ok, this is really the final build, with cool wicker basket, in Hornby

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