Thursday, July 15, 2010

70s Shogun 500 city bike

the finished Shogun 500 city bike: 21 lbs.

before: ~36 lbs.

Once again this one was salvaged from the vast inventory of Ira, local bike recycler.

The paint's banged up on this 70s Shogun 500, but it has pretty cool lugwork and painted accents, plus I'm a sucker for chromed fork legs. This one (like the frenchie Stella, see previous post) has a 22.0 mm fork tube. Wacky. So I had to keep the original stem, despite its semi-ugly look.

cool Shogun headbadge and painted lug detail

For this one, I decided to build a special (nutty) rear wheel, since I had a Suntour Superbe high-flange track hub and a Mavic open pro rim sitting around. The front wheel is an older Dura-Ace road wheel, which is officially out to pasture in this capacity. It's still true, but the bearings are a bit gritty and the spokes are very weathered & slightly rusted (the rear I ran over with my car, and it's hopelessly out of true... side effect of very low spoke counts and oddball spoke wrench requirements).

Suntour Superbe high-flange track hub + Mavic open pro rim + wheelsmith double-butted spokes = pretty cool wheel

Used a SyCip wonderbar like usual, Kalloy 26.0 mm seatpost, and a cool Trans Am saddle with orange accents. For some reason I love this bike, it's so damn fun to ride around town. Front brake is a powerful Cannondale (Tektro) dual-pivot unit, so I dispensed with a rear brake, which is superflous since the rear is fixed.

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