Sunday, January 30, 2011

80s Peugeot mixte, part deux

Frankly, Rover is tired of frenchie bikes, even Peugeots

Score! another Peugeot mixte. This one has cool original fenders and lights, including factory internal wire routing, wow! Regina needs a Mission Beach boardwalk cruiser bike, so this small mixte should be perfect.

The final product, with sweet Paul Components Flatbed basket
Pretty much replaced everything that matters, largely from the parts bins.  Campy Mirage square-taper crank, Shimano Nexus long-reach brakes & matching white levers, Origin8 chainring (42), Soma bars, Bontrager cruiser pedals (best I've found), WTB la-z-boy seat, original seatpost (of course, it's 24mm, so not much choice there), Weinmann/Formula wheels, Bontrager 30mm tires for cruisin', Peugeot original no-name headset, bottom bracket, and stem, and of course that awesome Paul basket.  Had to get extra-long stainless steel bolts for the fork attachment, which I frankly find a little wimpy -- which explains the 25-lb. max weight limit.  

Still need to fix the rear light, but the front one works great
The Gamoh basket on the Atami Samurai, which is steel, has no such weight restrictions, but it's way heavier.
Regina and her bike, pretty sexy pair
Might have to put a rear rack on this thing so there's a place for stuff like the lock.  The Paul basket is minimalist and highly specialized for beer-case transport -- not a lot to keep smaller objects from sliding out the gaps.
Mission Beach boardwalk, January 29th, 2011 -- 72ยบ, nice


Unknown said...

Hi, what did you do with the old Peugeot parts? Cranks, mafra racer brakes derailer etc?

Unknown said...

Do you know any supplier in USA which offering 80s Peugeot mixte parts. I have see many parts on amazaon with great reviews but still looking for a best one.

Anonymous said...

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