Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cannondale 2.8 weight-weenie project

King ti cage, looks alright
This one started, like so many others, from a saved search on ebay.  "Cannondale polished 2.8" or something.  Then, one day, while minding my own business, this allegedly NOS frame pops up.

"NOS" 1994 Cannondale 2.8 road frame/fork/headset

Pretty smudged and the decals weren't perfect, but I suppose it could have been hanging out in a dusty rafter for 17 years or so.  Definitely not in a box though.

R.I.P., Pennsylvania production facility

So, the "2.8" on these frames refers to the approximate weight, in pounds.  This one is a bit heavier, coming in at 2.91 lbs., or 1320g.  Not bad for 1994 or so.

From bikes!

Anyway, having recently disposed of my previous weight-weenie project, a Giant TCR that was built-up as a Campy-powered cheap-ish sub-15 lb. frankenstein, I decided this one should also be a Campy-10-equipped low-budget vintage weight-weenie project.  Can it be done at under 15 lbs.?  We shall see.

Standard Chris King headset & spacers -- can't help it, I love 'em (sorry BSNYC).  Easton EC90 1" fork.

The shifters on this thing are Centaur 10-speed, which are slightly lighter than Record due to lack of the "escape" shifting mechanism (the ability to shift up several gears at once -- "dump the whole cassette", which is cool but not super necessary)

Chorus 11 to start, but then I switched to Record 10 for harmony's sake once I'd disassembled/cleaned my old one.

The goal for this project is sub-15 lbs. with alloy wheels and nothing ridiculous like tubulars.  The initial build is close -- 15.2 lbs. with pedals & cage, but not where it needs to be, so some additional weight-weenie-ness is being considered.  Probable move will be a Ritchey ~100g stem, KCNC titanium cassette and fancy chain, and maybe some zero gravity brakes, tho I much prefer the Campy Record units on there now.

Centaur crank... may swap in Record, not sure if they're really any different.

Speedplay X1 ti pedals, my favorite

Selle Italia C64 80g saddle, actually reasonably comfortable

Almost done, just need to lose about 90g

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful bike! I have an all original 1993 2.8 R900, candy apple red. Bought it back in 93 and had the store put all Dura Ace 7400 on it at the time. Still in almost mint condition!

Is that a CK devolution headset on yours? Great work and keep up the beautiful art!