Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cannondale cyclocross race bike

This project started, as usual, when I found this deal on ebay.  $225 for a frame, fork, and chris king headset... well, couldn't not buy that.  The headset alone is worth almost half that.

The original iteration of this bike was a touring/rain setup with fenders etc., but since I never toured anywhere, it got repurposed into a cyclocross race bike.  Disc brakes are far superior of course, but the mechanical Avids are not super impressive, and I figure once Shimano comes out with hydraulic road levers, that will be the time to switch.  In the meantime, cantilevers set up well work tolerably ok.

The key addition to this thing was the Reynolds Cirro tubular wheels.  I got these free from a race team because they were damaged -- each rim had a small crack from impact with a pothole.  So I got them repaired by a carbon-experienced friend (Trystan), glued on some Tufos, and bam, this thing is hella light.  These wheels are about the lightest you can get this side of $3k-each-Lightweights.  1150g for the set(!)  With some other light stuff -- Easton EC90 carbon bars, a carbon Record lever, Alpha-Q fork, and SLR seat/Thomson Masterpiece.  Drivetrain is Dura-Ace 7700 1x9 with Paul chainkeeper (an absolute must -- have had a few races ruined by dropped chains that couldn't quickly be put back on due to lack of front derailer).

I think older Cannondale cyclocross frames are the best way to go for a low-budget/high-performance cx race bike.  Light, strong, cheap, and made in USA.


arnulf_x said...

Hi there.
I like your bike. What's your chainline like with the chainring mounted on the outside of the spider? Somewhat centered on the casette or biased to either one side?


_Soledad said...

This is a shot in the dark, but were you selling this frameset on Craigslist?