Friday, March 16, 2012

Julia's Cannondale 2.8

Local ally and Cannondale brethren Thorpe alerted me to the presence of this 90s Cannondale 2.8, which included an aluminum fork, 600 crank, Laprade seatpost, 600 brakes, and Vantage headset.  Once acquired, a deep dive into the parts bin yielded almost everything it needed.  Only new parts were the SRAM chain and some cable/housing/bar tape.

One shifter, the important one, came from Murph's decommissioned and equally red LeMond, which suffered a fatal crack.  The left/front shifter was pulled from Regina's polished 2.8, which has a Dura-Ace 7700 right, so it was mismatched anyway.  A proper mate will reconstitute that one.

Happened to have a fancy quill stem for this project, a very nice ITM Eclypse "Top Racing Model", which is racy indeed.  Pretty pro drop, I like it.  This one's now in Julia's hands, who vows to ride it SF2G  style.  We shall see.

The ever-sexy Dura-Ace 7700 derailer.  Shimano 600 crank upgraded with newer ramped & pinned 53t chainring.


scrosby said...

Great job Scott! Sweet build. Julia is a lucky kid.

Larkman Graphic Studio said...

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