Saturday, March 17, 2012

Regina's '90s Polished Cannondale 2.8

Another gorgeous 90s Cannondale polished 2.8 series frame, my favorite.  Cannondale didn't make a large number of these due to the tedium of sanding the welds with tiny belt sanders for long enough to make the tube junctions almost totally seamless.  Apparently they were expensive labor-wise because of this, and it was cheaper to just do a decent job and paint them.

This one originally had some pretty cool mango/gold-ish colored Mavic Open Pro/CODA wheels that you don't see too frequently, but one of the hubs failed, so these sweet Rolf Vector Pros were swapped in, which matched the King headset much better anyway.  Stem is a Syntace F119, also in polished aluminum.  Total bike weight with pedals is 16.9 lbs., not bad.

Regina races in Rosarito-Ensenada, Sept. 2006; yes she was wearing lots of sunblock

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